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From the December 2005 issue


    Thank you for supplying me and the guys here in Kuwait your magazines this year. We are leaving this country next month and headed back to Vermont. Again thank you! You guys are great.


Hi Sherri:
    Just a note to say “Hi” from Iraq. They mobilized me in August and I have been here since Sept 18th. I am at Al Taqaddum air base near Bagdad. The town is called Habbinia with a large lake by the same name. I am doing fine and all is well. Look forward to getting back and covering the races for you. That should be in March. Well gotta go. Take care.



    I just got a package full of your magazines. I am in the Army, based in Tikrit, Iraq. My team enjoyed the magazines, I even shared them with the Iraqi Army soldiers we are training over here. It means a lot to get packages, so thanks again. My division and my team will be leaving in about two months. If its ok, I would like to send you my replacement’s address, when he gets here. I am sure he will enjoy it as much as me.




From the July 2005 issue


        Wanted to let you know my son Daniel Johnson has come back from Iraq until Oct. 2005. You were sending copies of the off road magazine to him in Iraq. Thank you so much. I could never express how wonderful your magazine has been to take the time and money and send them issues. They really appreciated getting and reading them. Please let me know if you can start up again when he has to return.     Thanks again. I will be looking for their photo in an upcoming edition. Thank you, from a proud mother of an American soldier.





From the May 2004 issue

Dear SDOR,

        I am deployed in Germany with my reserve unit from Socal. I work in a place called the Deployed Warrior Medical Management Center (DWMMC). We treat and take care of the injured troops that are fighting America’s battles. It would be great to have something for them to read while waiting for appointments and such. If you feel that this is a worthy place for your magazine to be then let me know.




From the April 2004 issue


        Just surfing around and stumbled upon your sight and haven’t even delved into much of it yet. What I’ve seen so far is all right. I’m a member of the United States Air Force and wanted to tell you guys thank you for your support for our guys over in abstract parts of the world.
        I was also wondering whether or not you could send me a free copy and point me in a direction. I’ve got a 68 Bronco and was wondering if you guys had any good articles that you have yourselves produced that might interest me. Thanks. Keep up the good work.

Elmendorf AFB, AK
[email protected]


From the March 2004 issue


        I just recently returned from the Operation Iraqi Freedom onboard USS Nimitz. While deployed I read your magazine that was sent to the ship on a regular basis. I for one would like to thank you for supporting our military. Your magazine finally convinced me to buy an ATV and enjoy the outdoors. Keep up the great work and editorials. If you are still offering free subscriptions for military I would greatly appreciate the offer.

Very Respectfully,
Senior Chief USN
Fighter Attack Squadron 122

From the December 2003 issue


Sherri Kukla,
        Thank you to the Staff of SDOR Magazine for sending copies of your magazine to the soldiers of Alpha Forward Support Company, 1-22 Infantry Battalion while deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. We are forever grateful for all the support we receive from the many friends, family, and people we have never met throughout the United States during these difficult and challenging times. During my assignments to Egypt and Korea and deployments to the Gulf War, Bosnia, and Operation Iraqi Freedom these many people have always been there to give whatever support they can.

        I am a native Texan who was introduced to the Imperial Sand Dunes by a close friend Christopher Visconti more than ten years ago while stationed at Fort Ord, California. Soon after, he left the service for work in the private sector while I decided to make the military a career. Despite being assigned to various other stations since then, I have kept in contact with Chris and have continued to come to the desert year after year. I store my 4-wheeler at his house in Chula Vista, he makes repairs and upgrades when I cannot be there to do them myself, and he provides room and board each time I visit. The details of the trip are always worked out by the group prior to my arriving, and while in the desert I have never gone hungry because of all the preparation and work by Patti and the other women. I have been fortunate to have a friend like Chris, because without his generosity and that of his family and friends I could not have enjoyed the many experiences in the desert throughout the years.

        Usually making between two and four trips to the desert each season when not stationed or deployed overseas, I have traveled long distances by both car and plane to get there. Unfortunately I had to miss the second half of last season due to a little disagreement between Bush and Saddam, but I will be there for the second half of next season as we are scheduled to return sometime early next year. In the meantime I will read through the copies of your magazine to keep up with the latest news and accessories, and catch an occasional glimpse of someone in the group doing their thing at Gordon’s Well. Thanks again for all your support.

a.k.a. Duke Nukem

From November 2003




From the October 2003 issue


        Well.... looks like I’m finally going to get to do some serious riding this year. I have been deployed for pretty much all of the past two seasons and can’t wait to ride. Just got back from floating around on the Carl Vinson and I wanted to thank you guys for sending so many copies of your magazine out to us. I read every issue from cover to cover. A lot of people give lip service to supporting the military but what you’re doing is just awesome. Thanks! I’m a subscriber now and look forward to the next issue.
Hope to see you in the desert .

San Diego

        Thank you for sending me SDOR. I am a deployed soldier of the 101st Airborne division. Very busy over here for the Infantry. I enjoy reading your magazine, it takes me away from Iraq for a little while. I have pictures but no way to get them developed. Will send pictures as soon as possible. Thank you.

101st Airborne Infantry


From the September 2003 issue

Hi from hell,
        My name is Sgt Matthew Turner. I am a Marine stationed in Camp Pendleton CA. I am with 9th Communications Battalion and I have been in Iraq for almost five months now. I came in two days after the war started and have been here ever since. The deserts of this country do not rate to be called deserts! There is no terrain at all, it is very depressing. I can’t wait to get back to SoCal so I can go to the real desert: Ocotillo, Dove Springs, Cal city, etc. I ride mostly track, but I love getting out to the desert at least a couple of times a year. I would like to check out your magazine.


Dear Sherri:
        Thank you so much for donating the San Diego Off Road Magazine to the Sailors stationed on USS NIMITZ (CVN 68). We certainly do appreciate it.
        We’ve placed them in the crew’s mess and dining area so they are easily accessible to the Sailors and in the officer’s wardroom. They’ve been a popular hit. We don’t sell magazines in our ship’s store, so having your publication available to our Sailors is definitely a boost to their morale.

        Once again, thank you for your support and generosity. We appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Public Affairs Officer

Dear SDOR:
        I would just to say “Thank You” for the free subscription. I think it’s great the way you are supporting all of us over here. Your magazine gets circulated around our company each month. It’s great to be able to have a little “taste of home.” It’s been a few years since I’ve owned a bike, but with all the money I’m able to save here (not many places to spend it!), that’s my first priority when I get back. We have no idea when we’ll be coming home, but I’m crossing my fingers that it will still be desert season. We were activated in January and sent to Ft. Lewis WA. Then, we were sent here (Iraq) in April. It’s been over six months since we’ve been home, so we’re quite homesick. So again, thank you for all the support from home, you’ll never know just how much it really means to us.

California Army National Guard

        Hey I just received my first issue of San Diego Off Road Magazine. Wow that is awsome! The guys read it and it boosted our morale by a lot! Thank you very much and I thank you for supporting us! Thanks for being a great American person!



From the July 2003 issue

Mrs. Sherri Kukla and the SDOR Staff,

        This is just a short note from a long ways away to say thank you. As I was cruising the lower decks of our ship, the USS Nimitz, during my lunch break today, I came across a copy of SDOR. Sweet! Now I can look a little deeper at a sport I have been considering getting into since I stopped racing Outlaws when I was a civilian.

        Now, we get all kinds of magazines and other periodicals out here, and I thought this was more of the same. However, as I turned to page 8 of the April issue, in the top right corner I see this message “We welcome our new readers aboard the USS Nimitz & USS Constellation.” I’ve had a fascination with Off-Road/Rally racing for as long as I can remember, so I just wanted to say “Thank You.” You may have added fuel to the fire, but none the less, thanks.


        My name is AT1(AW) Robert J Burdett and I am currently stationed onboard the USS Nimitz. I would really like to thank you guys and gals for sending out copies of your magazine every month. I have been in the Navy for 11 years now, but before that I worked at West Engine and Machine in Escondido building engines and doing fabrication.

        Anyway it is nice to be able read your magazine.



        My name is Eric Rube. I have been reading your magazine for some time now. I was stationed in San Diego for eight years prior to moving to Lemoore CA. I really appreciate the fact that you Support the Troops. I am currently onboard the USS Nimitz deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. We have been gone from our families since Mar 03. There is no date on when we will return. I just wanted to say thanks for supporting what we do. If you send and address of were I can send pictures of the aircraft that we fly I will be more than happy to send them. Thank you for your time and the magazine.


        I just moved to California from Virginia and am looking forward to the many off road opportunities your area has to offer. Of course that’s a few months from now. Thanks for supporting the troops.



From the June 2003 issue


        Well I thought I would tell you I just walked on the great warship Constellation. We are in port at Perth Australia right now. As I was on my way to my berthing as always I had to pass by the magazine stand by the soda machines, and there it was. A whole box of copies of SDOR in the magazine rack. Now you wouldn’t believe it but being away from San Diego and the off road scene, seeing your magazine in the rack made my heart skip a beat.

        Last Deployment in 2001 I would personally put my used copy in the rack for others to enjoy. Now it looks as if the Public Affairs Office has a subscription. To top it off when I came into email this I found another copy on top of the hard drive. Hopefully we will have a bunch of American servicemen and women in the desert next season supporting our love for the sport as well. Thank you so much for the magazines.

& the Crew of the


From the May 2003 issue

Sherri & Steve
        I am stationed on the USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD-6) deployed to the Persian Gulf in support of current operations. This is the second desert season in a row I have missed. In 2001 we deployed the first of December and did not return until the later half of June 2002 then with only six months time to work on the ship and the broken bonds with family members we headed out again 17 January 2003 for our current mission.

        During yesterday’s mail call I was pleasantly surprised to receive a package with the words “San Diego Off Road magazine” in the corner. I knew I would be able to dive in to the pages last night and be swept away from the gulf for a few hours and be back in the desert having fun. I was not disappointed. I read the magazine from cover to cover! Every line on every page. The magazine is now circulating the shop and has a waiting list for who will get it next.
I wanted to thank you for your support and thinking about those of us who can’t come out to play in the dirt and sand at this time. I have seen news from home and know that the majority of America stands behind us 100%. Thank you for the six month subscription. God willing I will be home in time to renew it in person. Special thanks to Fred from the Split Mountain store in Ocotillo Wells who was thoughtful enough to submit my name to you.

Ride hard, Ride safe,
ASC (AW) Raines, M. D.
IM-04 Division Officer
USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD-6)