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JUNE 2004

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Complete contents of the June 2004 print version:

Sherri’s Turn
Photo Gallery
Coming Events
 MX Tracks: How to Get There
Lassen-Applegate Emigrant Trail Ride
Off Roading in Africa
Springtime in Coyote Canyon
Where to go off roading
Off Road Politics
Temecula Family Off Road Park
A Rider’s View
Off The Road Again
A Racer’s View
California Vintage MX Racing
S.R.A. Grand Prix
King 250
Barona Oaks Motocross
Eddie Mulder’s West Coast Vintage

Dirt Track Series
GPR D37 Big 6 Grand Prix Series
The Cajon Zone MX Amateur Open
DARPA Grand Challenge
Trivia Junior
Off Road Riders Foundation News
Fud’s Crud
Index to Advertisers
Classified Ads
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Sherri's Turn

Steve, Sherri & Jerome at Pikes Peak, Colorado, July 4, 1981

On a beautiful morning in early
May we hopped in the car and
set out for Springfield, Missouri.
We hadn’t seen our very good friend Jerome in many years and this trip was being made in his honor.   MORE





        I saw your magazine for the first time this morning. RIGHT ON. You’ve got Cycle News beat hands down. You’re coverage of all off-road is great.

     I subscribed immediately after seeing it. My son races motorcycles off-road professionally in D-37 (expert) SCORE and BITD.




Race Results

CALIFORNIA VINTAGE MX, Carlsbad, April 10, 2004

IRONMAN VINT NOV: 1. Steve Caro (CZ) IRONMAN VINT INT: 1. Dave Scourfield (CZ) 2. Benny Chien (CZ) IRONMAN VINT EX: 1. Tim Nash (Hus) 2. Chris Schleif (Hus)   MORE



Classified Ads

2002 Chevy Silverado Z71 ext cab, indigo blue, V8, auto, cruise, cd/cassette, a/c, all power, alarm  MORE



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Coming Events


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