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Have you ever met a narrow-minded Christian?
        They’re out there. They’re the ones who believe there is only way to get to heaven.
        They’re the ones who believe that accepting the free gift of salvation that Jesus offered by dying on the cross is the only way to heaven.
        They’re the ones who don’t believe that all spiritual paths lead to heaven.
        Many people in our culture take great issue with the narrow-minded-one-way-to-heaven belief of these Christians.
        They feel that people should be tolerant of all religious beliefs. They feel that each person should be free to determine their own personal beliefs. Each person should decide who or what God is for them. They feel that open mindedness is an asset in the spiritual realm.
        These same people who frown upon the narrow-minded views of Christians have probably never disputed the narrow minded answer a mathematician gets when he adds two plus two. There is only one answer.
        Put them into an off road setting. Rebuild a dune buggy engine and try putting the pistons in upside down. Won’t work. There is only one way to assemble an engine. No matter how good it feels to you to put parts back in places different from where they go, the engine will not work that way.
        The same people who dispute the fact that there is only one way to get to heaven, would not dispute the fact that all 6.3 billion people living on the face of the earth today got here the very same way. Doesn’t matter if you’re the wealthiest American in the United States or the poorest of the poor living in a third world country, you arrived on earth in the same way.
           The truth can be narrow. Don’t miss out on it because you pride yourself on being open-minded. If you want to see where open-mindedness will get you in the world of physical science, try putting that piston in upside down next time you rebuild your motor.
            Its a lot less expensive lesson than waiting to die and finding out your open-mindedness didn’t get you where you thought it would.
            Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father, but through Me.” — John 14:6






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