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    If you tried to enter the race without first signing up, you would not be allowed to race, and if you snuck in, you would not be scored or awarded a trophy should you finish well. Ultimately, the goal of all who enter the race is to finish well.

    There is another kind of race for which we are required to sign up. This one with greater meaning and consequences than any type of motor vehicle race one could ever enter. This is a race with eternal consequences. The race to finish well in life with the confidence of receiving a reward in heaven when our life here is complete.

    Unfortunately while hardly anyone would get indignant about not being allowed to race their motorcycle in a race they have not signed up for, many people get very indignant at the suggestion that they need to “sign up” to get into heaven. They’re not interested in being a part of a belief system that says there is only one way into heaven. Yet when we go to a competitive event, there is generally only one way to sign up for the event and competitors will do that without question.

    Sadly, many will never make it to a successful finish in the greatest race of their life because of a refusal to obey clearly defined guidelines. There is almost a sad humor in this situation. If the rules to enter the race included letting someone else pay for your entry fee, how many people would argue against that rule? Yet, that is exactly how we get into heaven.

    We acknowledge that we don’t have what it takes to pay the toll at heaven’s gate and we accept the free gift of eternal life that Jesus gave us when He died on the cross. It’s as simple as trusting in Him.
Would you be willing to let someone else pay your $25, $50 or $100 entry fee to your next race? Then why not accept the price Someone is willing to pay for your ticket into heaven?

    Think about it when you’re filling out your next entry form. It’s one race you’ll never regret entering.
“[Jesus said] I am the door; if anyone enters through Me, he shall be saved.” — John 10:9