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....thank you for your support for our guys over in abstract parts of the world.

    I was also wondering whether or not you could send me a free copy and point me in a direction. Iíve got a 68 Bronco and was wondering if you guys had any good articles that you have yourselves produced that might interest me. Thanks. Keep up the good work.

Elmendorf AFB, AK
[email protected]

Thanks for writing. Your free six-month subscription is on its way. We havenít done any articles on Ď68 Broncos, but weíll accept one if someone out there has written one. In the meantime readers who can answer questions about a Bronco email Daniel at the address listed above.

    I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you from the organizers and all of the volunteers that make this event possible. Your donation was appreciated and the winners were very happy.

    Without organizations like yours we would not be able to hold this important event every year. Your generosity has once again helped put the South Dunes Clean Up at the top of the list of annual dunes events.

    This year we had over 380 people register to be a Dunes Garbologist for a day, and over 700 bags of trash were collected. Every year the dunes are getting cleaner, by raising awareness of the trash we are helping everyone become a more responsible duner.

    Once again, we say thank you from the organizers and participants.

KD Cycle, Yuma AZ