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This problem’s been solved.

    The Super Strap, available in 20’, 25’ and 50’ lengths, is made with the highest quality nylon webbing. It takes recovery straps to a new level, allowing the user to attach it to any vehicle without tying knots or using hardware. The unique nylon construction allows you to weave loops at any point in the strap creating adjustability to a minimum strap length of 18 inches. The pulling action during recovery creates a non-slip grip ensuring a strong tie point; but when the pulling stops, the strap allows for easy removal.

    The Super Strap has many different uses. It can lift two times the average vehicle weight, while the compact design makes it easy to store. The “No Stitching” construction makes it a safer and more reliable recovery strap. The Super Strap is truly the smartest recovery strap you will ever own.
Super Trap features include: 10,000 lb. capacity webbing and 8,500 lb. woven strength. For heavy duty applications the strap can be easily doubled-back for twice the pulling capacity (20,000 lb. capacity)
RedArt Inc. has been manufacturing high quality and dependable products for over 30 years.

     For more information about the Super Strap or other RedArt Inc. products, like Beard Super Seats or Trust Me Tie-Downs, visit or To speak to a sales representative, contact 714-774-9444.



New Motocross Park!!
Attention All Motorcyclists: Your help is needed!

    There is going to be a new motocross track in Sun Valley, California (just north of Burbank) if we can get enough letters of support for this new motorcycle park.

    Show this to all of your friends!
    Councilman Tony Cardenas is a well respected leader who we have reason to believe will support our cause.
    If you want a great place to ride, take two minutes to write a letter. Please address your letters to Councilman Tony Cardenas.
Discussion Points:
a. My family rides motorcycles for recreation
b. Pee Wee track for kids
c. Motorcycles teach people responsibility
d. Promotes friendships
e. Helps to keep people away from drugs
f. Dirtbikes help people become healthier through physical exercise
g. Most people who ride don’t drink or smoke
h. This park will bring people to Sun Valley where they will find places to eat, buy gas, go shopping, etc.
i. Write how riding motocross make you feel and how valuable it is to you personally
Remember to encourage your friends to get their letters written as well!
Please mail the letter to:
John Foley
9443 Hillhaven Ave.
Tujunga, CA 91042

    Please feel free to call John Stewart with any questions (818) 353-4459 . Thanks for helping make this possible!

“Working Together” Theme at SF Supercross
SAN FRANCISCO - National and state access groups and land management agency staff presented a united front to the sold-out crowd at round six of the THQ AMA Supercross Series at SBC Park in San Francisco. Representatives, volunteers, and rangers staffed educational booths for the BlueRibbon Coalition, California State Parks, and Santa Clara County Cycle Park.

    Information on trail ethics, land-use, and places to ride were shared with thousands of race fans and OHV enthusiasts in the pit area. GNCC star, Rodney Smith, also signed hundreds of autographs at the BlueRibbon Coalition booth.

    Senior staff from the aforementioned organizations were interviewed by Supercross announcer, Terry Boyd, during his famous “In the Living Room” segment just before the racing started. Dave Pickett, AMA District 36 president; Dana Jones, California State Park superintendent; and Don Amador, Western Representative for the BlueRibbon Coalition, talked about the need for cooperation between the users and land management agencies for the betterment of the sport.

    Don Amador, western representative for the BlueRibbon Coalition, said, “I think it is important for the race fans to see that access organizations and government agencies must work together for the future of both OHV and non-motorized recreation on public lands.”
“Trail users should also understand that they can be part of the solution. Educating the fans about staying on the trails and riding quiet bikes is what we are accomplishing by attending the 2004 season of Supercross,” Amador concludes.

    The BlueRibbon Coalition is a national recreation group that champions responsible use of public lands. It represents over 1,100 organizations and businesses with approximately 600,000 members.


Malcolm Smith honored and Bob Hannah roasted at
2004 Blue Ribbon Coalition Breakfast Of Champions

Pocatello ID – Nearly 500 Powersports Expo attendees were treated to breakfast and some of the best bench racing stories ever at the BlueRibbon Coalition’s sixth annual Breakfast of Champions on Sunday, February 15, at the Westin Hotel in Indianapolis. Off-highway motorcycling legends Malcolm Smith, Bob Hannah, Scott Summers, Scot Harden, Donnie Hanson, Jimmy Lewis, Danny Laporte, John Penton, Dick Burleson, Marty Moates, Mike Bell, Ryan Young and Guy Cooper were featured.

    An original sculpture of Malcolm Smith in an action posed on a Husky was presented to Malcolm for his years of support for the BlueRibbon Coalition. The artist, Mitch Billis from Bozeman Montana, went to great lengths to create a tribute worthy of its’ recipient. Billis, who is a dirt biker and snowmobiler himself, studied old Dirt Bike magazine articles about Malcolm and even examined an old Husky to ensure the authenticity of the piece.

    Motorcycle industry leader Mark Woodward was the master of ceremonies for a “roast” of Bob Hannah. Other champions told stories about racing with Hannah, and what a tough competitor he was. The best story of all was from his mechanic at the time, and current Yamaha Racing Division Director, Keith McCarty. McCarty said that Hannah was always playing tricks on other team members. One day they lured him into a room at the hotel they were staying in, stripped him naked and duct taped him to a chair. They then carried him to the elevator, set him in the middle of it, and punched the buttons for every floor. At the lobby, a guy waiting for the elevator just calmly removed the tape from Hannah’s mouth, asked him which floor he wanted, put the tape back and sent him on his way.

    Eric Anderson, who has assisted us at every Breakfast of Champions, conducted the live auction of the memorabilia items contributed by our champions. Several motorcycle adventures were also auctioned to the highest bidder to raise money for BRC’s advocacy efforts. Malcolm Smith donated a 1982 Husky 430cc six-speed motorcycle for the auction. When the bidding didn’t go high enough to suit him Malcolm bought it back himself.

    Danny Laporte presented the BlueRibbon Coalition with an $8,000 check from FMF’s Q series exhaust/BRC support program. Laporte challenged the industry to adopt a “Feel the Power” program to show OHV enthusiasts that they don’t need to “hear” loud pipes to achieve maximum performance. Once again Dick Burleson reinforced that message pointing out the importance of quiet pipes to achieving success in the land use issues.

    The 2004 Breakfast of Champions was co-sponsored by the following powersports industry leaders. Yamaha, Xtreme Motor Co., Western Power Sports, Warn Industries, Works Enduro Rider, V Force Reed Valves, Tucker Rocky, Trail Rider magazine, Suzuki, Scorpion Helmets, Scott USA, Pro Moto Billit, Progressive Suspension, Power Sports Business magazine, Polaris Industries, Parts Unlimited, No-Toil, Motorcycle Stuff, Motorcycle Product News, Motorcycle Industry Magazine, Motion Pro, Mikuni, MIC/SVIA, KTM, Kawasaki, Intersport Fashions West, Impact Video, EBC Brakes, Fox Racing, Dealer News, California Motorcycle Dealers Assn., Entertainment, FMF, Cycle News and Clear Channel Entertainment.


Twin Air Biodegradable Filter Cleaner and Foam Filter Oil
Motorex Oil of Switzerland is now the official manufacturer of Twin Air Filter Oil and Twin Air Filter Cleaner world wide! For years, Twin Air has set the standard in motorcycle performance for air filter technology and now Twin Air has selected Motorex Oil of Switzerland to manufacture and package their Filter Oil and Filter Cleaner.

   Both the Foam Oil Filter Cleaner and Foam Filter Oil are biodegradable which means they are environmentally friendly yet still provide the cleaning power and oil protection necessary to meet Twin Air’s highperformance standards. Both products are now available through Motorex USA distributors, as well as the existing Twin Air distributors.
Twin Air Biodegradable Filter Cleaner Available in 1-Liter bottles. Suggested Retail: $13.95
Twin Air Biodegradable Foam Filter Oil Available in 1-Liter cans. Suggested Retail: $17.95
For more information about Motorex products, E-mail: [email protected] or visit


Motonation focuses its sales and operations teams!
    We all know that today’s clients need and demand more and more interaction and attention to detail with each passing day. Motonation has certainly been aware of this and has taken steps to address this fact of business life by restructuring its sales, marketing and operations teams. With that said let us present to you Motonation’s new structure:

    The overall direction of Motonation, its sales and marketing plans as well as future product and brand developments will continue to be lead by Motonation’s President,.Bill Berroth.
The Sales Department will now be divided into two regions. East headed by Jeff Noland and West headed by long-time Motonation staffer James Tebockhorst. Each Regional Sales Manager will be responsible for all commercial activities in their regions and will be focused on lending their dealers and reps the highest possible levels of support.

    Jeff and James will be supported by a new internal operations structure that will allow for a more focused approach. Six staff members (some new and some old) have been assigned the specific and focused responsibilities to: a) Manage Motonation’s remote warehouse. b) Handle the infamous “paper trail” i.e.: the bookkeeping and accounting tasks. c) Manage the production/ordering/in bound shipping of Motonation’s lines. d) Coordinate the companies support rider and sponsored rider efforts. e) Manage Motonation’s product warrantee, its Internet site and advertising. f) And James and Jeff’s new favorite person…their own Sales Assistant!

    Where we gonna fit all these guys? Good question because they certainly will not all fit in our present Poway location!

    Effective immediately we are in our new digs in El Cajon (two miles from the MX track!!!) which were specifically selected to complement the new staff structure and to position Motonation to handle its next big growth spurt…Ten million a year here we come!

    For more info call (858)513-6280. email [email protected] or visit