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        The event was late in starting and my head was pounding like crazy, but do you think I remembered to bring the Advil? No.
        Next thing I knew, this guy sits down in the seat next to me. I’m sure a minute ago there was a lady sitting there, but she must have left while I was inside myself fretting and fuming over the crummy time I was having.
        He taps me on the shoulder, introduces himself and says, “Are you enjoying yourself, tonight?”
        “Who is this guy?” I think and wonder where the rest of my party is. Why’d they leave me here alone when any kind of kook can come up and harass me?
        “Yeah, I guess,” I finally mumbled, hoping he would go away.
        “I hope you are,” he said. “I built this place so people could enjoy themselves.”
        “Huh?” I muttered, with just the hint of a sneer. I had to have misunderstood.
        “I said, I built this place so people could enjoy themselves,” he said, a pleasant smile upon his face.
He didn’t look like a kook. But he sure sounded like one.
        “What do you mean, ‘you built this place’?” I asked, even though I had determined I wasn’t going to talk to him.
        “I guess you didn’t recognize my name,” he said. Then he laughed shyly. “Well, not many people do. But yes, I’m the builder of this stadium and I just want to make sure you’re enjoying yourself tonight.”
I stared unspeaking. Then finally my eloquence kicked in, “Huh?!” I said again.
        “Are the seats comfortable? Do you like the food? Are you expecting the off road show to be entertaining enough? Is there anything you’d like for me to do for you?”
        Let’s face it. I was a person of few words in this situation. “Huh?” I stammered again.
“You see, I care about the people who use this facility. That’s why I’m here. To let you know I care and I want to help . . . “
        Suddenly a loud buzz filled the air. The man disappeared. In fact the whole stadium disappeared and the alarm clock continued its incessant buzzing, begging me to awaken to the problems and burdens of another day.
        It had to be a dream. Someone that important, someone providing for millions of people would never have the time to care for just one person. Or would they?
        In fact, someone far greater than the general contractor of a massive structure such as the stadium cares for you, right now, right where you are. The Creator of the whole Universe. He’s awesome enough to create the world and yet gentle and loving enough to see to your needs as if you were the only person on the planet.
        Sound too much like a dream? Maybe so, but it’s one dream you’ll never have interrupted by an alarm clock. Reach out to Him today.
        Cast your burden upon the Lord and He will sustain you. Psalm 55:2