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...ship on a regular basis. I for one would like to thank you for supporting our military. Your magazine finally convinced me to buy an ATV and enjoy the outdoors. Keep up the great work and editorials. If you are still offering free subscriptions for military I would greatly appreciate the offer.

Very Respectfully,
Senior Chief USN
Fighter Attack Squadron 122

Familiar Faces in SDOR
Hi Sherri:
        Thanks for the magazines over the last year. You do a great job.
In your oldies info we’ve seen some familiar names and faces. If you see Bro (Fred) Smith anytime tell him that Coleman (Harry) and Mary Sullivan Litten said “Hi.” I went to college with Bro and he rode when Cole was racing.
        I’ve been thinking about sending you some pictures and info about ATVing in Utah (where we spend the summer). They call them 4-wheelers, pronounced “4 whillers.” There are miles and miles of trails and the people are still pretty accepting but popularity is beginning to cause some resentment as the spoilers go where they shouldn’t. I may have told you before but check out the Paiute Trail on the net and you’ll see what I mean. You have probably heard of the Jamboree they have in September.
        Have you heard anymore about our mutual dog friend? We looked for him over New Years in the desert.

        Thanks again for the mag. Enclosed is a renewal order.
San Diego

Editor’s Note: We met Mary and Harry Litten at the beginning of last year. They contacted us to run an ad in the classifieds for a brindle Boxer dog that had wandered into their camp, lost, on their New Years eve outing to the desert. The Littens brought the dog home in their continued effort to find the owner. Since they already had their share of dogs, eventually we took the dog ourselves and kept him until the owner surfaced.

It’s a Continual Battle with the Nature Nazis
Hi Sherri,
        I just want to say that your column was excellent about all the times the nature nazis have sandbagged the OHV community. The examples could go on and on for months in a column titled the “Freedom Loss in America”. And I think it is good that your readers be reminded over and over that this is a battle. And they have been losing because they haven’t chosen to get involved by writing letters, sending checks, attending planning meetings, joining OHV clubs, and generally becoming proactive rather than reactive....provided they understand the difference. The BLM is not your friend, never has been, never will be. The OHV recreation community has less than 4% of the riding area they had 20 years ago and it is shrinking every year. With the continuing bureaucratic land closure by petty clerk tyrants that hate any OHV. I hope your column helped wake up a lot of OHV people to the need to fight back.
The enviros are well funded and extremely organized. Their agenda has stolen our freedom. If those of us in this sport/recreation, looked at how much is spent on a new machine. And how many trails were lost that year, then maybe they would understand the urgency to support groups like the SDORC and anyone else who is willing to fight to keep open our recreation areas.
        I thought another way you may have concluded your “Turn” would be to say “The next time you are riding on a trail you enjoy, THINK about what it costs to keep it open and send a check to your local team that is fighting to end the land closure battle.” They will thank you and the whole OHV community will thank you.
        BTW I would like to email your editorial to some friends. Is it possible for you to email me a copy?
Thank you,
Mark Berger
San Diego